Project Overview

Partners in Evaluation: 
Teachers, administrators, and communities collaborating for the 
continuous improvement of teaching and learning.


In this presentation, we present an overview of an ongoing partnership between National Louis University (NLU) and District East.1  One of the most significant facets of this partnership is that of the new teacher evaluation system, developed by members of NLU’s Educational Leadership faculty, the Superintendent and teachers of District East, and the school board of District East.

The central process of this new teacher evaluation system is an inquiry-based project designed by and for the teacher, either independently, or in collaboration with other teacher-colleagues. 

Significantly, this new system has promise to revolutionize teacher evaluation within the climate of teacher and school accountability. We hope to provide insight into the workings of this system via “real-time” feedback from the teachers and administrators of District East, eventually developing a model that could be replicated within other districts that will allow for individual tailoring for contextual differences. 

In order for us to gain understanding of teacher and administrator perspectives, we will interview a select number of teachers (volunteer, and at the school administration’s prerogative) and administrators, and also observe and document processes via videotape in classrooms.  In this paper we document this process.

1a pseudonym